Geology of the diverse

The project stems from the search for local rocks and a wish to reconnect with the materiality of our territory. In small fragments of local rocks – largely deemed waste by the industry – we find an opportunity to build a new geography and artisanally recreate the history of the territory we inhabit. By joining fragments of stones originating from different locations throughout the Andes, we reorganize a territory and time that we had somehow divided. The process speaks of the interaction between different altitudes and geographies, as well as the correspondence between the accelerated transformation of the habitat at the hands of man and the slow geological processes that have been ongoing for thousands of years and are visible on the Earth cortex. Rather than creating an object, the intention was to create the piece as a territory or place our bodies can relate to through its unpolished, open-ended, constantly transforming state.

The piece was a runner-up at the ICPNA Contemporary Art Awards 2019.

Rafael Freyre

Stone work
Roberto Román

Juan Pablo Murrugara