Design and art pieces that integrate traditional and contemporary, derived from peruvian geological and biological diversity explorations, will be presented.

This month we will take part in December 2019 edition of Ruraq Maki, hecho a mano, an exhibition and sale promoted by the Ministry of Culture of Perú, as part of the Co-creativity section, dedicated to collaboration between traditional artists and designers.

We’ll introduce pieces made in collaboration with Roberto Román, a specialist in stone carving, and pieces developed together with the brothers Samuel, David and Eber Goicochea, specialists in fabric with reed and cattail. Rafael Freyre, creative director of Studio RF, has collaborated with these traditional artists in different projects, among them stone pieces for Virgilio Martínez restaurant Central, and reed and cattail fabrics for “Ecosistema del Agua” (Ecosystem of Water) exhibition with which he won MAC Lima 2019 National Art and Innovation Award together with the visual artist Ana Teresa Barboza.

It will be an opportunity to show the great potential yet to explore of collaborative work between traditional artists and contemporary artists and designers. In the search for creating continuity between landscapes, local materials and their transformation processes, we have found special affinity with the intimate relationship between traditional art and the environment where it develops.

We distance our pieces from generic manufacturing processes. We are interested in exploring how ideas relate to organic matter and its transformation processes, as well as the elimination of established hierarchies between intellectual and manual processes. Thus, it is possible to create new collective imaginary.

The event will take place from December 13 to 22, on the third level of Kuélap Tower (main headquarters of the Ministry of Culture) from 10am to 8pm.


About the participants:

Studio Rafael Freyre (Lima, Perú)

Studio RF is a multidisciplinary research and creation space where architecture, visual arts, performing arts and design projects converge. His work is based on the natural and cultural diversity of the Peruvian territory; They experiment and design based on local materials and techniques from the coast, the Andes and the Amazon, with their sustainability as a priority.

Roberto Román (Lima, Perú)

A specialist in artisanal stone works. He began his specialization in 1983, working for a marble company after finishing secondary schooling. He comes from a family of dedicated stonemasons; his grandfather cut sillar blocks in Ayacucho, and his father hewed marble for a marble company in Chiclayo. Presently, he directs a team of stone workers at his workshop in Ate.

Samuel, David and Eber Goicochea (Lima, Perú)

Traditional artists specialized in fabrics with vegetable fiber. Their relationship with fabrics began through his family, who are dedicated to weaving with matara and totora. They experiment in the family’s workshop with different types of fibers and knitting techniques. Nowadays, Goicochea family share a work space  where the weave purses, carpets and utensils made of reed and cattail. They work both independently and collaboratively.